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Black Purse Manicure Set – Bridal Shower Favor

Bridal showers are a great way for a future bride to celebrate her happiness with her closest friends. It is also a nice way for her to celebrate the last girls’ night out as a single woman. At such parties, it is the custom for the bride to give her friends, some gifts in order to thank them for making this last single girl party so wonderful. Wedding shower gifts can come in a wide variety of shapes. However, it is always better to choose a gift that your friends can actually use. Moreover, if you can combine functionality with an adorable girly concept, you will definitely impress your friends. If you agree with us, you should definitely check out the Black Purse Manicure Set – Bridal Shower Favor.

Black Purse Manicure Set - Bridal Shower Favor Picture Black Purse Manicure Set - Bridal Shower Favor Picture

Does this gift work for all bridal showers?

Unlike the actual wedding, bridal showers are a lot less formal and rarely feature a theme. The Black Purse Manicure Set – Bridal Shower Favor is ideal for all bridal showers, unless there is a sophisticated theme involved, such as a Parisian theme, in which case you need to find some gifts that would complement the bridal shower’s theme.

What makes these bridal shower favors special?

The greatest thing about these favors is that all of your guests will make good use of them. The manicure set is small enough in order to fit into any purse. After all, how many times did you have to endure the discomfort of a broken nail, until you finally got home and had the time to deal with it. This is the type of situation that all women are familiar with, so we are certain that all your girlfriends will appreciate this gift. The manicure set consist of a shiny patent-leather mini purse, featuring a chain handle and a snap closure mechanism. The mini manicure set features a black velvet interior and includes a nail file, a cuticle pusher, a nail clipper, an orange stick and scissors. When closed, the purse has the following dimensions: 2 ¼” h x 4 ¼” w x 1″ d.

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