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Champagne Bottle Bubble Favors

Regardless of their age or gender, all people like bubbles. There’s something very magical about them that we just can seem to shake off, even in adulthood. Needless to say, because of their magical vibe, bubbles are great when associated with weddings. Another symbol of celebration is champagne. Therefore, you can only imagine that we were thrilled when we discovered the adorable Champagne Bottle Bubble Favors.

Champagne Bottle Bubble Favors Picture Champagne Bottle Bubble Favors Picture
What wedding themes are these favors best suited for?

This type of wedding favor can be used for any wedding theme. It is magical, fun and incredibly cute. Just imagine the thrill of your guests when they see these adorable favors. We can guarantee that both the kids and the adults will have a blast at your wedding playing with these bubbly favors. Having your guests blow bubbles at the wedding will even make for some great wedding favors.

What makes these favors special?

For starters, the champagne bottles are very realistic and a lot bigger than they appear in the pictures. The green bottles have a simple, screw on cap. The bottles feature 2 lovely labels: one around the neck that says “Celebration” and one around the middle that says “Bubbly Champagne Bubbles”. Each bottle measures 3 3/4″ in height, 1 1/4″ in diameter and contains an ounce of bubbles. The bottles are sold in sets of 24. The more sets you buy, the smaller the price will be for each individual favor. The favor requires no assembly whatsoever. Therefore, the only thing left to do after you give your guests these favors is to blow away some wonderful memories.

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