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Gold Bell Place Card Holder

Place card holders are a great way of letting your guests know their designated seats at the table, but they can also be a nice part of the table decor. A lot of place card holders are plain and boring, but if you do a little digging around, you can definitely find something that matches your chosen wedding theme. If you are looking for something adorably sweet, you should check out Gold Bell Place Card Holder.

Gold Bell Place Card Holder Picture Gold Bell Place Card Holder Picture
What wedding themes are these place card holders best suited for?

Since music and love go so well together, a musical theme can be a great idea for a wedding. On that note, the Gold Bell Place Card Holder can be suited not only for weddings but for other events as well. Furthermore, it can also go for a gold theme or a decadent theme.

What makes these place card holders special?

What we most like about these place card holders is their design and their glam finish. The metal bells are very sturdy and are beautifully complemented by gold bow handles that actually hold the place cards. These items come with coordinating place cards. One side of a place card features a name while the other one features a romantic poem that ends with “ring the bell for lifelong bliss”. The bells require no assembly and have the following dimensions: 1 3/4″ h x 1 1/4″ in diameter. They are sold in sets of 24. The price of a set can vary between $40.50 and $29.95, depending on how many sets you buy.

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