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Heart Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew Wine Set

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August 27, 2015
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September 1, 2015

Heart Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew Wine Set

Usable wedding gifts are very popular at the moment as they are more likely to be kept by the guests. Unlike decorative wedding favors (that most guests end up throwing away) or edible favors which are quickly consumed, usable wedding favors last a long time and can be used by the guests on several occasions. On our search for usable yet cute wedding favors, we came across the Heart Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew Wine Set. This set has a cute packaging that presents the bottle stopper as the bride and the corkscrew as the groom, by featuring them alongside bride and groom symbols. You can only imagine that the guests will remember the wedding every time they use these adorable sets.

Heart Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew Wine Set Wedding Favors Picture Heart Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew Wine Set Wedding Favors Picture
What wedding themes are these favors best suited for?

Since this set has a clear functional purpose, it could be used for any wedding, regardless of the theme. However, due to their silver polish and clear modern design, they should be avoided at rustic themed weddings.

What makes these favors special?

As we mentioned above, the biggest advantage of this wedding favor idea is the fact that the set is so practical. The wine stopper and the corkscrew are made of chrome and feature heart shaped holders. The corkscrew, which symbolizes the groom also features an adorable chrome bow tie. The set is presented in a black gift box with a clear top. The bottom of the box features an outline for the bride and groom and it is labeled as: “Cheers to a Great Combination!”. The presentation box measures 4.25″ x 6.25. The price of a set varies between $6.10 and $4.50, depending on the bought quantity. The price is a little spicy for a wedding favor, but totally worth it considering the quality of the set which is noticeable due to the weight and the polish.

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