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Music Note Place Card Holder

Whether you are planning a wedding, a fancy bridal shower, a wedding anniversary or an engagement party, you will have to find an easy yet elegant way of pointing your guests to the location of their designated seats. The Music Note Place Card Holder is an excellent choice for this purpose. Moreover, these holders are also adorable and will complement any table decor.

Music Note Place Card Holder Picture Music Note Place Card Holder Picture
What wedding themes are these place card holdersĀ best suited for?

Music is often associated with love, so it is safe to assume that these place card holders will work perfectly with any event that celebrates love. Furthermore, if the overall wedding revolves around a musical concept, than these musical note place card holders are must have wedding elements.

What makes these place card holdersĀ special?

The Music Note Place Card Holder is as sturdy as it is adorable. The music note is made of metal and features a glossy silver finish. The base is also very sturdy and the top of the holder is designed in order to easily hold place cards without dropping them. In fact, it can even hold a picture, if you want to turn this place card holder into a wedding favor. The holders are sold in sets of four and come with coordinated place cards. The price of a set ranges between $4.00 and $6.00, depending on how many sets you buy.

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