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Personalized Artisanal Burlap Coasters

Most people who attend a wedding have also attended numerous other such events. As such, it can be quite hard to surprise your guests, since they are familiar with most wedding customs and traditions. However, all you have to do in order to surprise your guests is think outside the box. For example, why give your guests plain candy favors, when you can give them a chic gift that they can actually use. The Personalized Artisanal Burlap Coasters are the type of wedding favors that most guests will appreciate. They are classy and will definitely be put to good use, making your guests remember your wedding whenever they use them.

Personalized Artisanal Burlap Coasters Picture Personalized Artisanal Burlap Coasters Picture
What type of wedding themes are these favors suited for?

The Personalized Artisanal Burlap Coasters are very chic and classy and will definitely impress all guests. These favors are best suited for retro wedding themes. They are ideal for a shabby chic wedding, but can also work for a rustic wedding, any outdoor wedding, a nature themed wedding or a carnival wedding.

What makes these wedding favors special?

The great thing about these wedding favors is that they require no assembly and can be customized according to your wish. Furthermore, they are easy to handle and take little space, allowing you to buy them months before the big event, thus getting one wedding planning thing off your mind. The burlap coaster consist of a square shape made of natural burlap. The earthy tone of the burlap is perfectly complemented by the black stitching on the border and the black design used for personalizing the coaster. The coasters are sold in sets of 12, the price for each set ranging between $19.44 and $14.40, depending on how many sets you buy.  When buying these coasters, make sure to take into account the $33.00 pad printing fee. This may not be a cheap wedding favor idea, but it is certainly one that will impress your guests.


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