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Personalized Clover Honey Favors

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August 11, 2015
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August 16, 2015

Personalized Clover Honey Favors

Edible wedding favors are very popular at the moment. The cheapest alternatives are cookies (usually heart shaped cookies) or candies. However, these type of favors are rapidly consumed and quite generic. If you want your guests to spread the love (literally), even after your wedding, you should choose small honey jars for wedding favors. Personalized Clover Honey Favors are the type of favors, that your guests will love at first site, and, most likely, most of the guests will keep the jar as a souvenir, even after they empty it.

Personalized Clover Honey Favors Picture Personalized Clover Honey Favors Picture
What type of wedding themes are these favors suited for?

The beauty of Personalized Clover Honey Favors is that they can work for any type of wedding. They are ideal for summer weddings or rustic weddings, but this does not mean that they will be out of place at a fancier wedding theme. On the contrary, since everybody loves honey, all the guests will appreciate these favors.

What makes these wedding favors special?

Usually, whether they are bottles, jars or something else, miniature wedding favors are adorable. Honey jars are particularly lovely because they give you the opportunity to personalize their labels with some catchy phrases such as :”Love is Sweet” or “Meant to Bee”. Our favorite catch phrase is “Spread the Love” since it is very likely that a lot of the guests will spread the honey on a slide of bread. The 1 3/4 oz. jars are 2″ high and have a 1 3/4″ diameter. They feature a screw-on lid and adorable, personalized labels. The jars are wrapped with a white organza ribbon and feature a bronze bee charm. Furthermore, the honey contained by the jars is 100% natural. The honey jars are sold in a set of 12, and the more sets you buy, the cheaper their individual price will be.

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