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Personalized Hard Plastic Disposable Cups

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October 5, 2014
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October 10, 2014

Personalized Hard Plastic Disposable Cups

When planning a wedding, you want your guests to know how much you value their presence at your wedding. If you want them to feel as special as you do, a nice idea would be to give them some personalized favors. Nowadays, a lot of people have open bars at weddings. Imagine how wonderful it would be if the bar at your wedding had personalized glasses instead of plain, clear glasses. Furthermore, you could invite your guests to take one of the glasses home when they left, thus providing them with some unique wedding favors.

Personalized Hard Plastic Disposable Cups Picture Personalized Hard Plastic Disposable Cups Picture
What types of weddings are these glasses suited for?

The great thing about these glasses is that they can be personalized, thus they can work for numerous weddings. Most of the icons used for personalizing the glasses feature hearts and rings, but there is also a cowboy design, a palm tree design a few other more interesting options which can complement various wedding themes.

What makes these cups special?

The designs available for the personalizing are very versatile. You can choose between 16 icons. You can also select the monogram, the imprint color and a text of up to 20 characters, which can be set either above or under the icon. The text can also be versatile as the manufacturers allow you to choose between 8 possible fonts. The cups are very cheap, costing only $0.70. They are made of clear, hard plastic and are available in three sizes: 5oz, 8oz and 10oz.

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