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Topiary Place Card Holders

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September 23, 2014
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September 23, 2014

Topiary Place Card Holders

If you are bored of traditional wedding favors and place card holders, and you are interested in refreshing and original ideas, you should check out these adorable Topiary Place Card Holders which can also be used as wedding favors.

Topiary Place Card Holders Picture Topiary Place Card Holders Picture
What wedding themes are these favors best suited for?

These place card holders can work with any wedding, but they are best suited for nature themed events, especially the ones that take place outdoors. A lot of people who purchased them, bought them for themes such as an English garden theme, a Secret Garden theme, a Tree theme and so on. According to the positive reviews, these place card holders were a hit and almost all the customers who bought them used them both as place card holders as well as wedding favors. The favors come in sets of four, and according to how many sets you purchase, the price of a set varies between $8.25 and $5.60.

What makes these favors special?

These wedding favors allow you to integrate nature into your wedding by creating an elegant garden on your wedding reception tables. The miniature topiaries are perfectly manicured and come in a dark wood planter. The topiaries are artificial yet their details make them look very natural. The trunks are natural which is why there can be variations in their color and thickness. They can be used as a plain decorations or can serve as supports for photos.

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