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XO Hugs and Kisses Bottle Opener

When planning a wedding, people always try to come up with cute catch phrases that can symbolize the joy and excitement of such a special day. However, a wedding is not just about a bride and groom’s love for each other, but also about their desire to share that love and happiness with their friends and families. This is what a Kate Aspen designer had in mind when designing the XOXO collection: a simple “hugs and kisses from mister and misses”. One of the most adorable items in this collection is the XO Hugs and Kisses Bottle Opener which can make for a great wedding favor.

XO Hugs and Kisses Bottle Opener Picture XO Hugs and Kisses Bottle Opener Picture
What wedding themes are these favors best suited for?

These wedding favors are ideal for any wedding, but it is best if you at least match them with the wedding colors if not with the overall theme. For example, given the impeccable silver finish of the XO Hugs and Kisses Bottle Opener, it is safe to assume that these wedding tables would look great on blue table decors or black and white table decors. Furthermore, since bottle openers are used for opening beer and juice, which are preferred summer beverages, these favors would be ideal for a summer wedding or a beach wedding. Your guests will be particularly impressed if you also mount a big ice case filled with beer and sodas at the wedding reception in order for people to give their bottle openers a first try.

What makes these favors special?

The great thing about these wedding favors is that they will definitely be used by your guests and most probably, your guests will remember the wedding every time they use the bottle openers. The chrome favors are very sturdy and durable. They are wrapped with an elegant black and white ribbon and feature coordinated “Hugs & Kisses” tags. Each favor measures about  1 1/2″ h x 2 2/4″ w. They require no assembly. The favors are sold individually and the price for a single one can vary between $2.70 and $2.00, depending on how many of them you buy.


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